What is the purpose of dilation?

Dr. Crothers and Dr. Novak dilate most patients in order to provide a more comprehensive eye examination. Dilating the pupil allows a more extensive view of the retina. Many eye diseases have no noticeable symptoms until the later stages, so it is important to check for them even if you are not experiencing any disturbances in your vision.

Why did my medical insurance get billed?

Vision insurance is for routine eye care. Many patients have eye conditions that fall outside the realm of the routine eye exam. During the course of your exam, the doctor may discover a medical issue that is not covered by vision insurance. When this occurs, we will bill your medical insurance provider for your eye care.

Do you have a prescription guarantee?

We guarantee 100% accuracy on all prescriptions or they will be remade at no charge. All prescription eyeglasses pass a stringent quality control hand inspection. We pride ourselves in our workmanship – accurately filling your prescription is our number one priority. In the unlikely event that an error makes it through our system, we will promptly and courteously remake the lenses to our 100% accuracy standard.

Can I return contact lenses?

Unopened contact lens vials or boxes may be exchanged. No credit or exchanges are permitted on opened boxes or vials.

Why do I have to pay for a Contact Lens Evaluation?

When you wear contact lenses, your eyes are at risk for developing conditions that are complications from lens wear. The doctor must evaluate the health of your corneas, conjunctiva, and tear film, along with the overall fit of the lens, in order to ensure safe contact lens wear.

Do you have an exchange policy for eyewear?

All prescription lenses are considered special orders, and are therefore non-refundable. Please take care when making your frame selection.

Can I put new lenses into my own frame?

Simply bring us the frame and a copy of the prescription for the lenses you want placed in your frame. You will only be charged for new lenses.
*Please note that we are not responsible for damage or breakage to the patient’s own frame, new or used, if only prescription lenses are ordered.